Even as I begin this blog post, I’m apologising. To the many of you who never ever litter, I am sorry.

Litter in the countryside really annoys me. Here’s a pointless question – does anybody know why some people throw litter ?

There are two types of litter thrower. First, there’s the guy who opens his car window and throws out his coke can, or crisp bag, as he drives through our beautiful countryside. Then there’s the more serious guy. He places his household litter in to rubbish bags – you know, the black ones or animal-feed heavy duty plastic bags. He then carefully loads it into his car, brings the whole thing down some quiet (usually scenic) bóithrín and throws a complete bag full out into the ditch.

What kind of education system do we have that this still goes on ? What kind of parenting skills do certain people possess, that they allow (perhaps even encourage) this behaviour to continue in their family, generation after generation.

It’s so sad.

When you are out in nature, I would encourage you to pick up something you did not drop. If you take just one crisp bag or just one drink can back and put it in a bin, you’ll feel even better about your hike out in our wonderful country.