Conall, barely 10 months old, was recently found brutally killed in the mountains of the Sligo Leitrim border.

Not the first child of his kind to have his short life savagely ended in this disgusting way, serious questions must be asked of the supposed law enforcement authorities in this country and of those charged with the care of such a young male.

How can people who poison the likes of Conall still be out there, rather than in prison, where they clearly belong ? How many people are there willfully poisoning their neighbours in this fashion ? How difficult can it really be to apprehend and punish severely those who willfully poison others ?

The communities in which this type of scandalous act of killing occur, whether Sligo, Leitrim, Kerry, or wherever, are small. Johnny knows Mick and Mick knows Billy. Get out and catch them and spare our society these criminals, who have no compassion, much less love, for those we share this island nation with.

I have enormous sympathy and respect for the NPWS team who work on these re-introduction programmes. I’m just not sure that this is a good thing.

But more questions :

How can Scotland and Norway continue to send their children to our shores, to be put at very real risk of falling victim to this wanton destruction ? How can their governments allow the exporting of their defenceless sons and daughters to another country where, seemingly, not enough is done to protect them ?

What role has education played in these eagle re-introduction programmes ? Have rural people and farmers been educated about these birds ? Farmers from the donating countries should be talking to our farmers about these birds and co-existing with them.

Shame on Scotland. Shame on Norway. Most of all, shame on Ireland. I am disgusted by all three of you.

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