Achill Island Walks

Achill Island Walks

Achill Island is Ireland’s largest offshore island, though linked by a bridge. [Or as Achill people prefer to put it, “Ireland is Achill’s largest offshore island”]

While many would associate hiking on the island with Slievemore and the magnificent 688m high sea cliffs at Croaghaun (Europe’s second highest, after the Faroe Islands), there are other lovely places to walk, without any steep climbing required.

Next Dates : 13 June, 31 July 2021

Location : Achill Island, West Mayo.

Level : Easy / Moderate.

Duration : Approx. 8 hours (first walk is 3.5hrs, second walk 2.5hrs, plus some rambling around and time for lunch).

Description :

Our day along this wonderful part of the Wild Atlantic Way will consist of two easy to moderate hikes, with lunch in a café/bar (not included in price) and some interesting site visits in our cars in between. This jaunt between our walks will bring us to some of the most magnificent stretches of the Wild Atlantic Way, where splendid photo opportunities abound.

On our morning hike (linear; 8km; 3.5hrs), we will visit a megalithic tomb, the island’s famous Deserted Village and prehistoric houses, as well as enjoying wonderful sea views and historical curiosities.

After lunch and a visit to a superb promontory fort perched on a magnificent stretch of Achill’s rugged coastline, our afternoon walk is a 7km loop that will take us 2.5 hours and, once again, offer us great sea views.

While neither walk is difficult, our morning will include wet ground and moderate inclines, so please do have appropriate footwear. Our afternoon stroll is all on dry ground and completely flat.


Please note :
Achill Island Walks are not suitable to persons aged under 16 years.

Achill is more or less divided between the beautiful mountains of its western parts and the lower lands of its eastern side. The latter affords wonderful views southward towards Clare Island and Clew Bay, or eastward across Blacksod Bay to the Nephin Beg mountains beyond. The island features wonderful sites, from the neolithic to more recent times, some of which we will experience on these Achill Island Walks.

Learn more about Achill Island in general from the local tourism website.

Achill Island Walks
Achill Island Walks